Saturday, July 10, 2010

New home, for a while anyway

We dont really understand why but our mum says our new house, wont be ready for a while, so we ar stying with our Auntie Judith and all our cousins.

Here are some of them.
Grace at the front and yes she is a big sturdy girl, followed by Annabel, Angus & Rory, pick your preferred shade.

Lily and Jasper explore their new home

Jasper's first look at the new place, from a safe distance.

This is where he realises that he is Not a big boy after all, but just a little kitty.

On the Move

Well now we do feel a bit sorry for our human, cos she's had to move house so has been very busy organising this. Plus she got sick again, even had to go to the human vet, she's beeen very noisy. Just can't seem to bring up that furball.

We are now holidaying with her at our fur Auntie Judith's house, we have lots of cousins here. This is a fun house, more on our adventures later.

Here we are helping our Mum with some coooking before we moved.